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the witch house

August 2009

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the witch house

The Witch House: Gameplay/Rules

Tedious as it is, some guidelines are required. We the Mods will try to be flexible, and always accept questions/petitions/worship. All players must read the rules prior to joining or playing. Ignorance will not be an excuse.

1. We request that most gameplay happen in a third-person present-tense form. First person is acceptable; past tense, for the moment, is not. For the time being all play will be in journals or in the community. Posts should be unlocked and mostly open to all players.
2. No drama, please. Keep IC where it belongs and likewise with OOC. We understand this is hard, but if you have a problem with a player, please address them directly rather than letting it become something bigger than it needs to be. Be courteous, and always remember that there is a person on the other end of that screen.
3. This community is for characters from books and manga, not movies, TV, musicals, anime, comics etcetera. If you are unsure about the eligibility of your character, please ask before posting. No one likes having their post deleted. :( Some exceptions will be made for things that the mods describe as 'graphic novels' - Sandman is a notable exception here.
4. Absolutely no godmodding. For a good explanation of what godmodding is and how to not do it, see here. For now, character powers will not be limited; if it becomes a problem this rule may change.
5. If you're not sure what a player is up for, please ask. This is the reason for the contact information in the not!application.
6. Try to be flexible. Compromise is your friend.
7. All characters must have the information from this post in their profile somewhere.
8. Have fun! It's a roleplaying game. That's what it's for. If you're not having fun, something's off, and talk to The Mods. Questions may always be directed to this post, where they will be answered as quickly as possible.
9. Any absence longer than a few days should be noted, merely for awareness issues. Characters inactive without notice for more than two weeks may be picked up by another player. Characters inactive with notice may be picked up after four months. Try to stay a little active! Commenting or posting on a comm or journal counts as activity. If you are to be absent, please account for your character's disappearance.
10. Days will last one week real time, nights also one week real time, as much as possible.

A Note About Death: As death is a risk in this type of game, it is worth noting that this condition is not permanent. However, dead characters must be kept out of play for one week before being brought back, and no longer than two weeks. This is important, you can tell by the bold. Characters can come back with or without the memory of their death as according to typist wishes.

A Note About Applications: Are not currently necessary. The information above must be filled out prior to posting an introduction, but are not contingent on mod approval or disapproval, solely on participation, so to speak. Characters may be applied either as guests or as "Dark" characters, who will be allied with the house and assisting in the hunting, but active both day and night. Currently seeking players willing to co-mod, contact minviendha.

A Note About Introductions: All characters must have an introductory post, which should be set up roughly in the form of "so-and-so wakes up in a strange house" and your character's reaction thereof. Try to make it interesting, please. XD

**UPDATED AS OF JULY 20, 2009**



I has a question!

The rules say that you can't choose a character from a manga, but you can for an anime. What if the character you want to be is from both an anime and manga?

I was thinking of joining as a character from Axis Powers Hetalia; which has been a web-comic, anime, and manga. Would that be okay?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.

Re: I has a question!

This is a great place to ask a question! And that sounds fine to me. Just as a question, which was it first?

But as is, the character sounds peachy keen.

Re: I has a question!

The web comic came first.

Re: I has a question!

Go ahead, that's fine.
Just as a note you left out T.V. which may or may not fall under movies for some, though also some people who are kind of nitpicky (like myself >_>) may see that as confusing. Just thought I'd point it out. Otherwise this is freaking fantastic!!!
Fixed and added!
I'm excited :D Also, I wondering about the specifics of the anime vs manga rule, since a lot of series are both (is this to not have duplicates of a character?)
Basically, yes, and is mostly a Principle thing. And as I fail, the correct form should be manga, not anime, but as the point is moot for most characters.

Me too! :D I hope this works out.
Ah, sure thing! I was wondering if that was what you meant, since manga fit into the 'printed medium' thing xD
Hi, just browsing, but I was wondering; how come anime is allowed but manga isn't? Anime's like any other TV show, and it's often based off a manga (comic book) anyway.
Haha, nevermind, I see Rei already asked that. I should learn to read comments.

I'd suggest including video games in either the "in" or the "out" box, too, since a lot of people play from Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, the Persona series, etc.
In the event that you are still (or ever have been!) interested, the game is getting started again and we'd love more players. :D Though it is, yes, for manga, graphic novel, and book characters only. Sorry about the lack of clarity.
Just wondering if I can still RP here as a character from Axis Powers Hetalia. Don't want to do anything before I know if I can or not.
You may. It may end up being a grandfathered thing, depending, but as you were here before you are welcome to keep your character.
I, uh, don't suppose any of this was inspired by thedollsyhouse?
...actually no, I'd never heard of it until you linked it. *shrug*
(RP journal. >>)
Must just be coincidence, then. Just wondering. :3
Yeah, I do confess that it's not a terribly original idea. >.> Alas.