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the witch house

August 2009

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the witch house

The Witch House: Premise

It seems pleasant enough during the day. A large house, seemingly endless. The people living there seem to have nothing in common other than occasionally a shared world. No one knows why, or how they are here. Their needs are cared for by no one in particular, and exit is impossible. Grounds are visible through the windows but cannot be accessed. Once you step into the house, there is no leaving.

At night, things change. At night, things come out and prowl the hallways, hungry for blood and flesh. At night, locked rooms that didn't exist in the day appear, behind which lurking madness may await, or else maybe an exit. At night, screams may be heard that have no obvious source. The house holds its secrets close and releases them reluctantly if at all. At night, in the witch house, your nightmares just may come alive. Good luck surviving, and try not to let the laughter drive you mad.


The Witch House is a pan-fandom horror/survival rpg. Characters are pulled from various worlds into the environment of the house without explanation, and, it soon becomes apparent, without hope of escape. During the day the house is relatively calm, though with an air of inexplicable menace that can't quite be pinpointed. During the night, however, creatures emerge to hunt the inhabitants, death and pain on their minds when they have them - and sometimes worse. Doors may not open to the same place twice. Worst of all, if you find you can sleep, your dreams may not be your own.

With some roots in Lovecraftian horror and inspired in part by the other horror/survival rpgs out there, The Witch House is open to players of all experience levels and genres.