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the witch house

August 2009

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the witch house

Frequently Asked Questions! (in progress)

Questions will now go here! Ask and ye shall receive.

So here goes.

How does language work in the House?
Think the Star Trek Universal Translator. To the person speaking, it will be their language, and to the one hearing it it will be heard as theirs, and vice versa. This makes communication much easier and is simply built in, because the mod doesn't want everything to be hard for the puppets and their typists.

Do I need a specific journal for my character?
You need one journal for each character you play. The journal can be used for multiple RPs but should be easily distinguishable which it is for. A specific journal for each character and each RP is recommended for keeping the mod's head on straight.

Is there a character limit?
Not for now, as long as you play them.

XX person said ZZ and I am really mad at them!
Don't tell me, tell them how you feel. Work out your own drama, folks, and try not to have it at all. Mod does not like drama. If mod smells drama, mod gets cranky, and no one wants that. I'm sure you're all grown up enough to get along.

Does my character have to be a badass/fighter/survivalist?
No. Part of the fun is seeing what those not badass characters do slammed into a traumatizing environment. Join as whoever you wish, and always have fun!