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Aug. 16th, 2009

the witch house


It's your friendly mod! With news. You knew when you signed up, I hope, that this is an evolving project. So here's the first evolution -

For the moment, STARTING THIS WEEK, cycles of Night/Day will be extended to TWO WEEKS EACH.

Feel free to comment with thoughts and more, and keep up the enthusiasm! :D

Jul. 22nd, 2009

the witch house


Start date has been pushed back to tomorrow, due to unforeseen circumstances also known as the mod failing at life. Sorry, but for sure it'll be there then! (Maybe later tonight, if I get lucky.)

UPDATED: See post on comm. Don't bother with the intro, guys who are showing up right away; just tag to the post and start interacting!

Thank you for your patience, this is an evolving project.

Jul. 20th, 2009

the witch house

Gameplay: Posting Format

Posting format will work something like this. For the start of the game, each introductory post will go up as an introductory post. At this point, comment on the pinned 'First Week' post that will be put up and start playing. When new characters enter, they may be greeted as they arrive. The former is just to get everyone playing with each other to start with, since we will all be starting at more or less the same time.

The first week will be daytime, gameplay starting on Wednesday, July 23. The main post will be up by them, and dated to midnight of that day!

Lastly, while there is no length requirement, please try to keep your posts reasonable. Flesh things out. Describe. If there's really nothing to say but dialogue, that's fine, but it's always nice to get a little meta-head action going.

Let's try this again, shall we?

Jul. 16th, 2009

the witch house

Frequently Asked Questions! (in progress)

Questions will now go here! Ask and ye shall receive.

So here goes.

FAQ...Collapse )

May. 2nd, 2009

the witch house

The Witch House: Taken Characters

Characters currently playing will be listed here by fandom. Comment for changes in player or status.

**CLEARED AS OF JULY 20, 2009**

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter
Anita Blake (his_bolverk) played by tomboy_typist

Axis Powers Hetalia
Arthur Kirkland (England) (tsundere_uk) played by sakru909

Caliban Leandros Series
Caliban Leandros (halfanauphe) played by minviendha

Chronicles of Prydain
Adaon (ymwroli) played by grey_gazania

Southern Vampire Mysteries
Sookie Stackhouse (crazy_sookie) played by opheliasfire

Vampire Chronicles
Pandora (cynical_vamp) played by tomboy_typist
the witch house

The Witch House: Not!Application

This is not an application, first of all. Just some information and guidelines, and a way to get a player's contact information. Please submit one for each character you wish to play in comments to this post, which will be screened, prior to posting an introduction. (Introduction guidelines in Rules post.)

Application (Regular)Collapse )
Why "Dark"?: (brief explanation as to why you/your character should be played as a "Dark", IF APPLICABLE, otherwise, just put N/A)

the witch house

The Witch House: Gameplay/Rules

Tedious as it is, some guidelines are required. We the Mods will try to be flexible, and always accept questions/petitions/worship. All players must read the rules prior to joining or playing. Ignorance will not be an excuse.

1. We request that most gameplay happen in a third-person present-tense form. First person is acceptable; past tense, for the moment, is not. For the time being all play will be in journals or in the community. Posts should be unlocked and mostly open to all players.
2. No drama, please. Keep IC where it belongs and likewise with OOC. We understand this is hard, but if you have a problem with a player, please address them directly rather than letting it become something bigger than it needs to be. Be courteous, and always remember that there is a person on the other end of that screen.
3. This community is for characters from books and manga, not movies, TV, musicals, anime, comics etcetera. If you are unsure about the eligibility of your character, please ask before posting. No one likes having their post deleted. :( Some exceptions will be made for things that the mods describe as 'graphic novels' - Sandman is a notable exception here.
4. Absolutely no godmodding. For a good explanation of what godmodding is and how to not do it, see here. For now, character powers will not be limited; if it becomes a problem this rule may change.
5. If you're not sure what a player is up for, please ask. This is the reason for the contact information in the not!application.
6. Try to be flexible. Compromise is your friend.
7. All characters must have the information from this post in their profile somewhere.
8. Have fun! It's a roleplaying game. That's what it's for. If you're not having fun, something's off, and talk to The Mods. Questions may always be directed to this post, where they will be answered as quickly as possible.
9. Any absence longer than a few days should be noted, merely for awareness issues. Characters inactive without notice for more than two weeks may be picked up by another player. Characters inactive with notice may be picked up after four months. Try to stay a little active! Commenting or posting on a comm or journal counts as activity. If you are to be absent, please account for your character's disappearance.
10. Days will last one week real time, nights also one week real time, as much as possible.

A Note About Death: As death is a risk in this type of game, it is worth noting that this condition is not permanent. However, dead characters must be kept out of play for one week before being brought back, and no longer than two weeks. This is important, you can tell by the bold. Characters can come back with or without the memory of their death as according to typist wishes.

A Note About Applications: Are not currently necessary. The information above must be filled out prior to posting an introduction, but are not contingent on mod approval or disapproval, solely on participation, so to speak. Characters may be applied either as guests or as "Dark" characters, who will be allied with the house and assisting in the hunting, but active both day and night. Currently seeking players willing to co-mod, contact minviendha.

A Note About Introductions: All characters must have an introductory post, which should be set up roughly in the form of "so-and-so wakes up in a strange house" and your character's reaction thereof. Try to make it interesting, please. XD

**UPDATED AS OF JULY 20, 2009**

the witch house

The Witch House: Premise

It seems pleasant enough during the day. A large house, seemingly endless. The people living there seem to have nothing in common other than occasionally a shared world. No one knows why, or how they are here. Their needs are cared for by no one in particular, and exit is impossible. Grounds are visible through the windows but cannot be accessed. Once you step into the house, there is no leaving.

At night, things change. At night, things come out and prowl the hallways, hungry for blood and flesh. At night, locked rooms that didn't exist in the day appear, behind which lurking madness may await, or else maybe an exit. At night, screams may be heard that have no obvious source. The house holds its secrets close and releases them reluctantly if at all. At night, in the witch house, your nightmares just may come alive. Good luck surviving, and try not to let the laughter drive you mad.


The Witch House is a pan-fandom horror/survival rpg. Characters are pulled from various worlds into the environment of the house without explanation, and, it soon becomes apparent, without hope of escape. During the day the house is relatively calm, though with an air of inexplicable menace that can't quite be pinpointed. During the night, however, creatures emerge to hunt the inhabitants, death and pain on their minds when they have them - and sometimes worse. Doors may not open to the same place twice. Worst of all, if you find you can sleep, your dreams may not be your own.

With some roots in Lovecraftian horror and inspired in part by the other horror/survival rpgs out there, The Witch House is open to players of all experience levels and genres.